The best solutions for modernizing RPG systems to Java

RPG to Java, as well as COBOL, ILE, CL, PF, LF,… From any AS/400 technology, BASE100 produces the highest quality Java code and the most advanced architectures (containers, micro-services,…) for deployment On premises and in the Cloud. Preserving the Legacy system’s value is now ready for complete digitization.

RPG a Java

BASE100 offers innovative approaches to obtain the best results. They are supported by powerful tools, with the experience of hundreds of millions of lines of code converted and put into production. RPG to Java with technology and solutions that outperform any other option.

Greater analysis capacity

The greater analysis capacity of the BASE100 tools ensures a complete knowledge of the Legacy system. In this way, each aspect of the system is documented, extracting all the functionality, recovering a value built over years. In other words: a modernization based on complete information, which allows determining the best RPG to Java transformation strategies in each case.

No compromise Target platform

BASE100 offers a flexible path where the Target Platform has no limitations: microservices, containers, 2, 3, 4 layers, etc. As well as an interface based on HTML5, Angular, or React, and, in addition, data management with multiple options JDBC, JPA, JSQL,…

The result is compatible with the most used frameworks in Java: SPRING, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), JSF, etc.

Fast projects with visible results from the first day

BASE100 offers fast projects, generating Java code immediately to tangibly verify results and options, creating a reliable basis for making decisions.

Additionally, BASE100 technology identifies and analyzes the subsystems to build a solid modernization Plan.