Analysis and documentation AS/400. See your system like never before.

With Caravel Insight, you will know it in every detail, visually and interactively.

The IBMi platform (AS/400) has offered the programmer an agile environment for creating applications: languages, utilities, and operating system commands were always at hand, generating applications where the OS and the application are strongly interlaced.

As a result, monolithic applications where the business layers (RPG, COBOL, CL), presentation (DSPFs), or data access (PF, LF, DB400), constitute a block.

On the other hand, Legacy IBMi applications contain a tremendous amount of functionality. They were built over the years by technicians who, in many cases, are no longer in the organization, often poorly documented. Applications that work, although sometimes, nobody knows them in-depth, and risk becoming Black Boxes.

Caravel Insight promptly identifies the different components and lets you know your IBMi system in all its details. Creating dynamic, intuitive, visual, and navigable documentation ensures continuous control.

All the complexity and sophistication of an IBMi system will be at your fingertips. The complete history of the system is visible: the successive technologies, versions of languages ​​or OS, the technical teams that intervened, and the different practices of developing.

All the required information to evaluate the best Dev Ops policies, maintenance, improvement, or modernization towards new platforms.

Real knowledge and complete control of your IBMi system.