See your IBM z/OS system like never before.

With Caravel Insight, you will know it in every detail, visually and interactively.

The IBM z/OS platform has the longest record in IT history. Systems started 30 and even 40 years ago are still in operation—systems built by successive teams of developers who, in many cases, have followed different guidelines.
These are monolithic applications where the business layers (COBOL, JCL, ASM), presentation (BMSs), or data access (VSAM, DB2) constitute a single block.

Applications that work, but sometimes, nobody knows them in-depth, risking becoming Black Boxes.

Caravel Insight offers complete analysis documentation and control IBM z/OS. Identifiying the different components and getting complete knowledge of your IBM iz/OS system in all its details. It creates dynamic, intuitive, visual, and navigable documentation, ensuring continuous control.

All the functionality of an IBM z/OS system will be at your fingertips. The complete history of the system will be visible: the successive technologies and versions of languages ​​or OS, the technical teams that intervened, or the different ways of developing.

You will get all the necessary information to evaluate the best Dev Ops policies, maintenance, improvement, or modernization for new platforms.

Complete knowledge, documentation and control of your IBM z/OS system.