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Any undocumented system is a Legacy system.

Contrarily, a documented system is a living system! We know its architecture, its organization, and we understand its functionality. Thanks to this knowledge, we can use, maintain, improve, or modify it. Adapt it to new needs.

Caravel Insight is the analysis and documentation tool that ensures you take complete control when documentation is incomplete or missing.

The documentation is shown graphically, dynamically, and interactively. And all the information is storable in standard formats that can be downloaded, in PDF or EXCEL.

In other words: BASE100 tools give you complete control and new opportunities for Legacy IBMi systems.

IBMi analysis: deep and detailed

Nothing is left out of a report prepared by our tool: the functionality, the organization, and the main characteristics are reflected in an orderly and consistent manner.

Covering the different languages ​​RPG, CL, COBOL and all the objects managed by the OS/400.

The complex functionalities are also analyzed: WSF, WSJOB,… and their integration with the programs.

In addition, our set of specialized tools allow you to perform a deep and detailed exploration.

The end of the black boxes

IBMi systems have been high-productivity environments for developers, providing multiple tools that sometimes overlapped but made it possible to build things that “worked” quickly.

However, after 10 or 20 years of useful life and successive teams of developers, they become systems that are difficult to understand and even “black boxes” that nobody owns.

That’s why we created Caravel Insight because many essential processes for the organization are managed inside it, and it’s time to open them up.

Safer and well based decisions

No technology is left out. All models and products, whether or not they have coexisted within the same installation.

Caravel Insight explores and documents the entire structure, covering the entire historical range of an IBMi system, from the first S/36 systems to the most current versions of RPG, COBOL, ILE, or SYNON.

In this way, it puts at your disposal all the necessary information to make strategic decisions and carry out interventions at any level.

The information you need: Catalogs and descriptions of our products and services. Many of your questions answered immediately.

Modernizing Legacy systems is our specialty. Our consultants can get in touch with you, discuss your specific needs and answer your questions. We will be happy to exchange experiences, information, and opinions.

Practically see our products. Ask us for a demonstration of the tools that are most interesting to you.