The fastest modernization process for IBM z and IBM i systems, with immediately visible results.

BASE100 technology and tools produce a complete modernization in a very short time. Without interruptions, without involving a workload for the IT organization.

Visible results, immediately deployable, transforming IBM z and IBM i systems most simply and efficiently.

Starting from comprehensive analysis, the specialized tools z-Analysis and i-Analysis show the best transformation alternatives. Being able to carry out an evaluation and a selection in a simple way.

To establish the transformation rules, BASE100 offers the Conversion Contract mechanism, which allows customization, in detail, with total flexibility, to generate quality Java code adapted to the needs of each organization.

On this basis, the BASE100 team builds the new system, under the direction and verification of the client. All this in an agile way, with visible results, to be able to evaluate and make decisions from the first moment.

The most rational, direct, and safest way.

A direct way

The analysis tools identify the structure of the Legacy system, extract its functionality and suggest the most appropriate lines of transformation. BASE100, through the Conversion Contract, offers a simple and very flexible mechanism to evaluate and establish each Modernization rule. From the most general to each of the details.

All technologies and architectures

Open systems offer multiple architectures and technologies. Frameworks, middleware, deployment modes, Cloud providers … BASE100 ensures a 100% flexible transformation, without limitations, where all options are possible. Helping to evaluate and choose them safely.

Highest quality Java code

The generated code meets the highest quality standards. Using widely recognized tools (SonarQube, Veracode, etc.) the quality, security, and maintainability of the code are examined in each phase of the project. Both using standard and specific rules, designed by the client.

The modernization starts from a detailed analysis of the Legacy system (components and data) and the specifications of the Target Platform. Considering all the aspects that may determine the best transformation option.

Within the Conversion Contract, the necessary transformation rules are defined, which will be used by Caravel EXPRESS to generate the new architecture, the Java code, and the new data structures.

Speed ​​and results

The modernization of Legacy systems has been profoundly transformed.

Today the evolution projects from IBM z and IBM i towards Java and open systems are carried out quickly and efficiently. And what is more important, examining real results from the first moment.

With the BASE100‘s tools (z-Analysis and i-Analysis), the complete information on the structure to be modernized is obtained, suggesting the most appropriate options to carry out the transformation of each aspect. All of them are clearly displayed, for your evaluation.

The process of establishing the equivalences between the original and new components is also carried out immediately, which allows establishing a first modernization plan. This is carried over to the generator tool to produce the first versions of Java code.

From the initial phases of the project, you can see practical results. In this way, by analyzing results, the aspects to be modified or improved can be safely understood, evaluated, and established.

Working on real examples of the transformed code is the safest way to obtain the desired result.

All this in a fast process, which generates results immediately and shortens modernization times.

Deep analysis

BASE100 has developed analysis tools that guarantee a full understanding of the Legacy software.

z-Analysis and i-Analysis describe in detail each of the relevant aspects of the system, its functionality, its organization, and its main characteristics. A set of specialized instruments allow a deep exploration of every detail: potentially complex points, data access mechanisms, component identification, or performance improvement.

z-Data Governance and i-Data Governance, analyze all data structures, their relationships, and the individual flow of each data with its transformations, through containers and processes. A simultaneous view of the evolution of each data and the instructions of the programs that affect it allow an exhaustive knowledge.

These tools, specific for each platform, generate graphic, dynamic and interactive documentation. All the information can be saved and exported to standard formats (PDF, EXCEL).

A smart conversion Legacy to Java

Based on the information obtained from the Analysis, BASE100 proposes a transformation towards standard platforms, taking into account all the relevant aspects.

The elements of the Legacy system are analyzed separately, determining for each one the most appropriate transformation set of rules.

These are reflected in the Conversion Contract and then converted into JSON rules and Java classes, that will generate the modernized code.

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