The best solutions
for legacy system

COBOL, JCL, CICS, RPG, ILE, PF, LF, VSAM … From any Legacy technology, BASE100 is the best option for transforming to modern languages ​​and architectures in the Cloud. Preserving and updating all the existing knowledge in the Legacy application. Protecting the user experience.

In other words: the fastest evolution to Cloud with a specialized code of the highest quality.

IBM i modernization

BASE100 offers new approaches, supported by innovative tools, with an experience of hundreds of millions of lines of code converted and put into production. Technology and solutions that surpass any other option.

The enhanced analytical capabilities of the BASE100 tools ensure in-depth knowledge of the Legacy system. Extracts all the functionality, cleans it, and protects a value built over the years—a legacy modernization based on comprehensive information to determine the best strategies in each case.

BASE100 offers a flexible path, where the Target Platform has no limitations. Evolve towards any technology, or any architecture, with the best transformation options, including a continuous checking of the quality of the generated Java code.

Quick projects that show results from the first moment allow a practical understanding of the options and create a basis for making decisions.

Greatest analysis capacity

The enhanced analysis capabilities of the BASE100 tools ensure a complete understanding of the Legacy system. In this way, every aspect of the system is documented, extracting all the functionality, recovering a value built over the years. In other words: a legacy systems modernization based on complete information, which allows determining the best transformation strategies in each case.

Newest architectures and technologies

The converted system can be configured with any architecture: microservices, containers, 2, 3, 4 layers …

Interface based on HTML5, Angular, React … and data management with multiple options JDBC, JPA, JSQL, … Likewise, the legacy system modernization aproaches of BASE100 is compatible with the most used frameworks in Java: SPRING, SPRING BOOT, STRUTS, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), JSF, …

Visible results from the earliest phases

Quick projects, with Java code generation immediately. To tangibly verify results and options, creating a basis for making decisions.

The BASE100 technology analyzes in-depth and, using agile methodology, supports producing a solid plan from the beginning.

The legacy system modernization aproaches starts from a detailed analysis of the Legacy system (components and data) and the specifications of the Target Platform, considering all the aspects that may influence the best transformation option.

Within the Conversion Contract, the required transformation rules are defined, which will be used by Caravel EXPRESS to generate the new architecture, the new Java code, and the new data structures.

IBM i modernization : legacy analysis

BASE100 covers a wide range of Legacy IBM z and IBM i systems, both components and data structures.

Architectures, languages, utilities, and S.O. They are documented, analyzed, and transformed, building the best legacy modernization alternative for each element.

IBM i modernization : legacy analysis

BASE100 offers complete freedom of choice of architecture and target technologies. Our legacy modernization tools allow you to choose without restrictions: data access mode, user interface, service orientation, on-premise, or type of Cloud.

IBM i modernization : legacy analysis

An innovative legacy system modernization approache

BASE100 solutions for the modernization of Legacy systems mean a great change.

Avoiding rigid approaches with long-term projects, BASE100
offers results in reduced times with total flexibility.

The renewed capacity for a deeper analysis of the Legacy systems will allow building a solid modernization plan. This level of knowledge makes the difference.

The BASE100

transformation mechanisms offer complete freedom. Any detail can be evaluated and customized to obtain the most appropriate target platform.

Today, any technology or architecture is possible, without limitations and in rapid modernization processes

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